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Teloncoper founded as a manufacturer specialized in the production of tents with metal structures . Our team of experts is constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers .


Now present on the market for over a decade , we are a manufacturer specialized in the production of crude steel in structures , with certified quality S 235 JRH first choice.


All of our raw metal structures are subjected to a treatment of degreasing, pickling , fluxing , preheating and finally the galvanizing bath to warm to 450 degrees , for maximum protection against corrosion ( rust) . Once you are cleared hot-dip galvanized on the surface, to be prepared for painting on hot plant with epoxy .


Each product is made ​​taking into account not only the different requirements for installation and placement , but also considering what we think is the most important aspect of the market: a great value for money .


The covers of our gazebos are made with fireproof sheets from 650g or 800g . The fabric used has a high tensile strength and tearing and the technical characteristics and the components used in its construction make it particularly resistant to mechanical traction . In addition the treatment of PVDF protection ensures high resistance to atmospheric factors such as light, precipitation and extreme temperatures ( the sheets withstand temperatures between 70 ° C and -30 ° C ) . Ample space , therefore , the use of modern technologies in the production of the product that combined with the constant search for technical solutions allows us to maintain a competitive price and offer a product that is valid at the time. The production of structures and towels takes place in our company located , albeit in the territory of Martina Franca , one kilometer from the town of Alberobello.

Contatti e Info

Teloncoper s.r.l.

Viale Putignano, 4/B
70011 – Alberobello (BA) – Italy

Telefono: +39 080 43 27 962
Fax:+39 080 44 23 042
E-mail: info@teloncoper.it

Prod. & Prog.

Via Comunale Coreggia, 51
74015 – Martina Franca (TA) – Italy

Telefono: +39 080 43 27 962
Fax:+39 080 44 23 042
E-mail: info@teloncoper.it

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